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Code of Conduct

  • At Footy Addicts, we require all players to promote high standards of behavior at our games. We play for fun and enjoyment, so come with a positive attitude and uphold honesty at all times.


    Respect is the foundation of football. By respecting your teammates and opponents, everyone can enjoy the game and feel involved. Always observe the Footy Addicts' Code of Conduct.

    ✅ DO

    • Arrive 10 mins before kick-off and inform the game host if you are running late.

    • Promote Fair Play and follow the Laws of The Game.

    • Communicate respectfully with the host, teammates and opponents.

    • Retrieve any balls kicked out of the pitch immediately.

    • Be cooperative with the organiser.

    ⛔ DO NOT

    • Disrupt the game by arriving late or leaving early without a valid reason (e.g., injury).

    • Enter dangerous challenges or use unnecessary force that could hurt opponents.

    • Use offensive, insulting, or abusive language or engage in aggressive or violent behavior.

    • Spit near teammates or opponents.

    • Smoke or consume alcohol prior to or on-site of any venue.

    I understand that if I do not follow the Code of Conduct, the following actions may be taken by Footy Addicts:

    • Be required to apologise to team-mates, the other team, host or organiser

    • Receive a written warning

    • Be required to serve a suspension (1 month)

    • Be banned permanently from the platform



    • Being negative during a game ie: shouting, complaining, disrupting the game

    • Being late & disrupting the game

    • Dropping out late/no-showing (less than 1 hour prior to kick-off)

    • Not being cooperative with rest of group

    Yellow card (2 x Warning)

    • Engaging in criticism of team-mates or opponents

    • Leaving a game prior to the end of session

    • Entering a challenge which can be dangerous for opponent ie. shoulder barges near to fences

    Red card = 1 Month Suspension (2 x Yellow Card)

    • Engaging in bullying or intimidating behaviour

    • Insulting or abusive language towards another player/host/venue staff

    • Not complying with a venues rules

    Community Ban = Permanently Banned (2 x Red Card)

    • Any form of violent conduct ie: fighting

    ℹ️ TERMS

    • All sanctions are cumulative over a player's lifetime usage of Footy Addicts.

    • Retrospective action may be taken.

    • The game organizer has the authority to issue sanctions.

    • We reserve the right to apply the sanction we deem necessary.

    • To ensure fairness, community bans will be agreed upon by at least two members of staff.

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