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  1. ⭐ Game organiser's policy

  2. Add final score in a game

  3. Are online payments safe?

  4. Become an ambassador ⚽

  5. Can anybody create a new game?

  6. Can I ban a player from my games?

  7. Can I change my e-mail settings?

  8. Can I change my email address?

  9. Can I remove a player from my game?

  10. Cannot find any games, why?

  11. Charged more than cost of the game, why? 💳

  12. Code of Conduct

  13. Collect money for my game 💰

  14. Do I have to add a profile picture?

  15. Do I need to Sign up via Facebook?

  16. How can I add a new venue?

  17. How can I add guests in a game?

  18. How can I cancel my game?

  19. How can I change my first & last name?

  20. How can I change my profile picture?

  21. How can I delete my account?

  22. How can I edit my game?

  23. How can I join a game?

  24. How can I leave a game?

  25. How can I Top up my account?

  26. How does online payment work?

  27. How does the Waiting List work?

  28. I am organizing a game outside Footy Addicts and missing a player, can I post it online?

  29. I cannot pay in advance, can I still play?

  30. I changed my RSVP and somebody took my spot, do I get refund?

  31. I did not receive the confirmation email?

  32. I have added a guest and now want to remove him/her

  33. I joined a game but I am in the wrong team, can I change it?

  34. I started a game but there isn't enough interest

  35. I want a refund

  36. I want to control who can come to my game

  37. In a private game, why isn't the player added to the list when I accept his/her invitation?

  38. Is it better to Sign up via Facebook?

  39. Man of the Match (MotM) award

  40. Mark players as No Shows, how does it work?

  41. Money withdraw

  42. No payments required: Free Game.

  43. Paid and not added in the list

  44. Payment Fee logic

  45. Payment: ZIP code error

  46. Payments at the Game

  47. Play football for Free! Be a Game Host

  48. Rate a venue

  49. Serial organisers' policy

  50. Start a game

  51. What happens if a match is cancelled?

  52. What information is required for a new game?

  53. What is the Username?

  54. What should be my attitude towards the game?

  55. What time should I arrive to the game?

  56. Where can I check who has paid for my Game?

  57. Where can I see the upcoming games?

  58. Which credit cards are accepted?

  59. Who should I follow?

  60. Why is the money transferred to me after the game has been played?

  61. Why is there a limit on the number of guests I can add?

  62. Why pay in advance?

  63. Why should I use 'payment in advance' option for my game?

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