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  1. ⭐ Game organiser's policy

  2. Add final score in a game

  3. Are online payments safe?

  4. Become an ambassador ⚽

  5. Can anybody create a new game?

  6. Can I ban a player from my games?

  7. Can I change my e-mail settings?

  8. Can I change my email address?

  9. Can I remove a player from my game?

  10. Cannot find any games, why?

  11. Charged but not added in a game 🤬

  12. Charged more than cost of the game, why? 💳

  13. Code of Conduct

  14. Collect money for my game 💰

  15. Do I have to add a profile picture?

  16. Do I need to Sign up via Facebook?

  17. Game Host Guide ⚽

  18. How can I add a new venue?

  19. How can I add guests in a game?

  20. How can I cancel my game?

  21. How can I change my first & last name?

  22. How can I change my profile picture?

  23. How can I delete my account?

  24. How can I edit my game?

  25. How can I join a game?

  26. How can I leave a game?

  27. How can I Top up my account?

  28. How does online payment work?

  29. How does the Waiting List work?

  30. I cannot pay in advance, can I still play?

  31. I changed my RSVP and somebody took my spot, do I get refund?

  32. I did not receive the confirmation email?

  33. I have a weekly game and need more players 🤔

  34. I have added a guest and now want to remove them?

  35. I joined a game but I am in the wrong team, can I change it?

  36. I started a game but there isn't enough interest

  37. I want a refund

  38. I want to control who can come to my game

  39. In a private game, why isn't the player added to the list when I accept his/her invitation?

  40. Is it better to Sign up via Facebook?

  41. Mark players as No Shows, how does it work?

  42. Money withdraw

  43. No payments required: Free Game.

  44. Paid and not added in the list

  45. Payment Fee logic

  46. Payment: ZIP code error

  47. Payments at the Game

  48. Play football for Free! Be a Game Host

  49. Player of the Match (PotM) award

  50. Rate a venue

  51. Serial organisers' policy

  52. Start a game

  53. Voucher codes

  54. What do I pay for? 💸

  55. What happens if a match is cancelled?

  56. What happens if there are not enough people in the attendance list?

  57. What information is required for a new game?

  58. What is the Username?

  59. What should be my attitude towards the game?

  60. What time should I arrive to the game?

  61. Where can I check who has paid for my Game?

  62. Where can I see the upcoming games?

  63. Which credit cards are accepted?

  64. Who should I follow?

  65. Why is the money transferred to me after the game has been played?

  66. Why is there a limit on the number of guests I can add?

  67. Why pay in advance?

  68. Why should I use 'payment in advance' option for my game?

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