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⭐ Game organiser's policy

As the Footy Addicts community grows we need to implement more control on the games that are posted and advertised through Footy Addicts. 

This is to ensure: 
  1. That the service is provided 
  2. The quality of games meets the minimum standards 

All games posted on Footy Addicts must be exclusively managed online. This means that everybody who is attending the game must be registered and confirmed on the attendance list of the game page. Also, all games must have accurate information on location & kick off time.

The easiest way for organisers to do this is to share their game page link with their group and accept confirmations only from the people who confirm on Footy Addicts. 

The reason why we are so strict with the policy is: 
  1. Everybody who is using Footy Addicts must agree with the Terms and Conditions of the service 
  2. In case of any misconduct on the pitch, we should be able to track the player and implement sanctions (based on our Code of Conduct
  3. Everybody must have visibility on the game status. Who is coming and who is not coming, this way there will be no surprises when people turn up to the pitch. 

Games that are not in line with the policy will be cancelled.

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