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Payment Fee logic

As we need to remove any additional charges to the users (due to the payment surcharges legislation), we will include the transaction fee ('Fee') in the Price per player.

Please see bellow answers to questions you might have.

What does this mean?
This means, that when you set up a game and introduce a Price per player of £5 you will receive £5 - Fee for each payment.
Until now the Fee was passed to the player, so when a player had to pay £5 he/she would pay £5 + Fee.

How will the new process be like?
When you set up a game you will need to modify your Price per player accordingly. For example: when you set up £5 (Price per player) you will receive £4.58, so if you want to receive £5 net you will need to set up your Price per player at £5.43.
We have created an automated formula (at the Start a game page) which will advice you on the net amount you will receive based on the Price per player you enter.

When will this go live?
The logic is now live.

What do I need to do?
You will need to modify your games pricing in order to ensure you collect the right fee.

If you have set up Auto-repeat games you will need to 1) Cancel the existing reoccurrence 2) Cancel (or Edit) all games already created under the old settings 3) Create new game with the desired settings 4) Set up Auto-repeat on the new game.

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