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Collect money for my game 💰

When you set up a paid game you can either collect cash from the players at the pitch or online payments. Please note that you can set up your game in one or the other way. 

- Any player can sign up at your game, no online payment will be requested by the system
- Please ensure you collect payments from the players before the game kicks off.
- Footy Addicts cannot guarantee that payments will be done

- In order for a player to sign up he/she needs to clear the payment online
- All payments are done to Footy Addicts
- Footy Addicts clears payouts to the Game organiser every Monday morning
- Please contact the Admin team on ( providing your PayPal or Bank details
- You can see your payments breakdown at any time at your game page, Game host menu (top right corner) / Finance
- Please note that there is a transaction fee applied to all payments done
- You can manually issue refunds to players from the View payments page
- All refunds are done as credit back on user's Footy Addicts account, so they can use them in any future game

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