How does it work: Game Payments (In Advance and Cash)

Money can be paid for your game in 2 different ways:

  1. Payment in Advance
  2. Cash Payments at the game

Payment in Advance

Money will be collected via Footy Addicts from all the players who wish to attend via Online Payment. After the game is played, the credits will be transferred to your account. This is done in order to ensure the players that Game Host will deliver.

The funds can be transferred to your PayPal account following a request to the Admin Team. Please note that there is a fee charge per payment so you will only receive the Net payments. 

You can see your payments history per game from your Game Host menu > View Payments

Cash Payments at the Game

Footy Addicts has no involvement in cash payments whatsoever. All payments will be handed to the Game Host directly.

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