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Serial organisers' policy

Over the time we have noticed a few game cancellations, which have a bad impact on Footy Addicts' reputation as platform. We want to built a strong community and reliability is key. Therefore it is imperative to implement some kind of control to the games posted on Footy Addicts. People should not post games online if there is a high risk of cancellation.

- Serial organiser: The organiser who posts 5 or more games per week.
- Game cancelation: When a game has at least 1 RSVP and it is cancelled. If the game is cancelled because the venue is closed then this does not count on the cancelled games (COVID period).

For any Serial organiser the acceptable cancellation rate is 15%.

If a Serial organiser cancels more than 15% of the games he/she has posted then the following week will only be allowed to post the games that were played and new games allowed to be posted for the week after will be 15% of the ones that was played.

🚨 Warning: If the Serial organiser has more than allowed games posted by Monday of each week, Footy Addicts Admin team will randomly cancel the excess. 

If I post 10 games on week #11 and have cancel 2 games, then the week #12 I will only be allowed to post 8 games. Week #13 will be allowed to post Max of 9 games.

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