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Charged more than cost of the game, why? 💳


Footy Addicts is operating a wallet system. This means that each user has to top up his/her account in order to pay for any game.

We have implemented a fixed amount that users can top up to £5, £25 and £50. You can top up your account via Payments page.

If a game costs £5 and you have £1 in your wallet then you will need top up your wallet in order to join the game. This means that after you pay for your game you will have a £6 balance which you can use in any future game. You can see full history of your transactions and balance in the Payments page or Profile / Wallet on the Mobile Apps.


Footy Addicts contracts third party services (such as PayPal and Stripe) in order to securely manage all card transactions. We do not store any bank or card details in our servers. PayPal & Stripe have their own fees which they charge per transaction. 

The Wallet and Game payment work independently. This means there is no way for us to link the number of Wallet Top-up to Game payments. Following a historic analysis we did, we realised that we have been charged more money from the Payment gateways than the ones we were passing on to Game organisers. 

Therefore we have to implement the minimum  Top up amount in order to ensure we break even on payments. 


A user signed up to play a game which costs £6, topping up £6. The game is cancelled so he/she receives a refund. Then wants to join a game which costs £6.50, so tops up 50p. This means that Footy Addicts is charged twice a the transaction fee and we only pass it once to the game organiser.

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