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Voucher codes

How does it work? 🏷️

At Checkout page, add the voucher code, click 'Apply', if you meet the criteria then discount will be applied and you should see it on the Checkout page before you complete your payment.

If the discount is not applied it means that the voucher code you used is not valid. 

🚨Keep in mind that voucher codes that have limit on how many times can be applied. The application of a voucher code is counted regardless if you complete or not the checkout process.

Where can I find them? 🔎

We aim to release one new voucher code per month for everyone to use. Voucher codes can be found via email newsletter, our Instagram and Facebook pages. Feel free to message us on Footy Addicts to ask for any new ones.

Criteria ✅ 

  • Codes are available to use on games organised by Footy Addicts Staff. (These are the games that Footy Addicts  organises, rather than the games organised by external organisers.) 
  • Voucher codes are limited by date, number of uses, venues. 
  • Voucher codes can be a range of different discounts. 
  • Must be used to sign up to a future game, not a game you have already joined.

Code does not work? ❌

1. Make sure you have installed the latest version of the Footy Addicts app.
2. Check that you are within the criteria: 
  • Have I already applied the code x amount of times? 
  • Is the game organised by Footy Addicts Staff (@footyaddictsstaff)? 
  • Did I paid for the game before I applied the code? If yes you cannot remove and rejoin with the voucher discount.

🦊 Please note that users who abuse of the voucher codes (only used by users who receive them, are not allowed to be passed on) will have discounts removed and charged the full amount for the game. If a person is repeatedly abusing the system will be banned from the platform.

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