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What do I pay for? 💸

Footy Addicts is acting both as an open platform* for local community organisers who want to digitalise their game management process and as community game organiser, providing opportunities to local residents to participate in social football games. 

Both functionalities helps us to have a positive impact on people’s lives through football ❤️

Footy Addicts is committed to provide the best possible prices so people can participate in various social football sessions around the country. You can find games from as little as £2 per person.

What you pay is NOT what we get! 

When you join a Footy Addicts game, your payment is divided into 5 parts: 
  • VAT charge 
  • Transaction fee 
  • Pitch hire cost 
  • Operating costs 
  • Reinvestment in grassroots football 

🏦 VAT charge 

According to the GOV.UK Guidance (VAT Notice 701/45) every total sale of Footy Addicts is subject to a 20% tax. This means that when somebody is paying £9 to join a game, £1.5 is paid directly for the VAT. 
We believe that Footy Addicts should be included under the official grassroots service and be exempt from VAT as this will benefit the game participation.

💳 Transaction fee 

All online payments are securely handled by a third party service provider (Payment gateway). All payment gateways charge a fee for their service, which is also deducted from the money received per player. 

📌 Pitch hire 

Is the biggest cost when it comes to organising a football session. Our prices are heavily affected by the pitch hire fee and raises it goes through the years. All pitches require priot payment from 4-12 weeks in advance and the majority do not offer refunds if we have to cancel games.
Fact We have seen more than 55% pitch hire fee raises in the past 4 years for the same pitch. 

⚽ Operating costs 

In order to organise a good standard football game we contract individuals who act as Game Facilitators. We also provide bibs and balls to most of the games. 
Fact We use more than 100 footballs per month! 

Rewarding Regular players

Every month current users will receive at least 1 voucher code for a discounted game via email / push notification. Also, the majority of games have a membership pack option where you can purchase a game pack for a discount of between 10% and 40%

🌱 Grassroots football development 

100% of the money produced in the games are reinvested in order to provide more opportunities for people who want to play football. 


So, next time you sign up for one of our games keep in mind that you have a big impact in order to achieve our mission:

Create happier, healthier and more sociable communities, through football ✅

Open Platform _Free of charge technology, that people can use as long as they register their personal information (Full privacy policy)
* Game Facilitator _Individual being present at the pitch making sure that everything runs smoothly. Not a referee.

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