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Membership Packs

What are Membership packs? 🤔

Membership packs or Game packs is the most economical way to enjoy your football game! 🤩

:: From 15-40% discounts, based on where you play!

How Does It Work? Where Can I Find Membership packs? 🎁

Most of the venues where @footyaddictsstaff organises games have Game packs. Here is how you can find and buy them:

  1. Go to the Game page / Line up
  2. If a Game pack is available you will see a warning message above the list of players, click "Join now"
  3. Tap on the Membership you want to purchase - Make sure you read terms carefully
  4. Clear the Checkout process and you are all set!
🚨 Please note that membership packs are valid for a certain period and are non-transferable and non-refundable

(screenshots of the process)

Criteria for Membership packs

  1. These packs are for games organised by Footy Addicts Staff (@footyaddictsstaff) • You will not be able to use the pack in games which are organised by other organisers in the same venue.
  2.  In the pack there might be restriction on specific days or times • Pack might not apply to all games in the venue

Playbook with the packs:

  • Save them for future games, not ones you're already in on.
  • Wait for your membership period to wind down before grabbing another one. Patience is key! ⏳

Refund Policy 💸

Game refund policy applies to the packs. If you honour the policy you will be credited back in your pack the game.

Membership pack Not Available?

If you cannot see any Membership pack available at the game you want to join please make sure you do the steps below: 

  1. Update your app to the latest version – it gives things a boost. 📲⚡
  2. Double-check that the game is organised by Footy Addicts Staff (@footyaddictsstaff).
  3. If you've already got a membership in the past month, you're all good!
  4. Unfortunately, here are a couple of select venues where we can't make the memberships work (such as Westway Sports Centre, Lordswood Girls School and Sixth Form Centre and others)

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