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How to behave as member of the Footy Addicts community

Footy Addicts’ mission is to create happier, healthier and more sociable communities through football. Footy Addicts is an all inclusive community project. It starts from the players and it serves the players. We rely on the community to get us a step closer to our goal. 

In order to achieve this, all our games must be played in a positive, welcoming environment. Respect is a core value of the Footy Addicts community and it applies on and outside the pitch. Any kind of abuse has no place in our community. So whether you are a player, an organiser, a venue staff member, a Footy Addicts staff member you should all be treated with respect. 

✅ Do's 

  • Be polite: Always respect the venue staff and your fellow players. A friendly smile goes a long way. 
  • Be understanding & support others: Recognise that everyone has different skill levels, backgrounds and current circumstances. 
  • Promote inclusivity: Make an effort to learn and use each other's names during the game. 
  • Keep it friendly: Banter is part of the game, but keep it positive and fun. We're here for a good time, after all! 

⛔ No-Nos 

  • Avoid disrespectful behaviour: Never belittle or intimidate other players or staff. Respect individual differences and cultures. 
  • Zero tolerance for aggression: Aggressive or confrontational behaviour, whether verbal or physical, is not acceptable. 

It's on All of Us 

Remember, maintaining a positive and welcoming environment is a collective responsibility. Each one of us plays a part in shaping the Footy Addicts experience. Let's make sure it's a good one for everyone. The above rules are here to ensure that Footy Addicts games are safe & fun for all. 

⚠️ People who do not honour our rules & policy will be removed from the community without any further warning.

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