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How can I add a new venue?

When starting a new game, you must decide on the venue where it will take place. If the venue you are looking for does not appear, you can click the Add it button to create a new venue. 

- Click Add it link below the venue box

- Add the venue postcode and the system will automatically inform you if the venue already exists in our database for that area.

- If the venue you want is already on our database but with a different name - please select it. This will avoid duplications in our database.

- If the venue is not there, make sure the location of the venue is accurate on the Google Map (shown underneath the description box on new venue page).

- Ensure your venue name is correct (remember: it might not be listed with the same name as it is known to you)

- Click Create Venue button

Your venue should now have been successfully created and will have been added to our database. 

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