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Mark players as No Shows, how does it work?

No-Shows are a football games worst enemy. An enemy we know all too well here at Footy Addicts. 

For this reason, we developed a feature so that all Game Hosts can mark players as No Show for their game if they do not attend. 

Game Hosts can do this by going to the game page, clicking the Game Host menu in the top right corner, and selecting Mark No-Show.

Clicking Mark No-Show will open a new page with the attendance list of your game. Choose the player who did not show up and mark them as No Show. By marking him/her, it will reduce their reliability ratio bar and allow other organisers to be aware if a user is reliable or unreliable. 

When a player has been marked as a No-Show, the user will be notified and in case the host is mistaken, they have the chance to change the request. If the user doesn't respond within 24 hours then it will be authorised and affect their stats. 

You can always see the games a player did not show up to via the players Profile Page and by clicking the No-Show tab.

NOTE: No-Shows can only be marked within 24 hours after the game's kick-off time. After that the option will be disabled. 

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