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I started a game but there isn't enough interest

There might be a number of reasons why this is happening:

Time and location of the event
This is a community based tool. It requires local communities to be introduced and make use of Footy Addicts. If you create an event in an area where there isn't a lot of activity, you will not get a lot of response. Invest your time in creating the community, it will be worth it in the long run. 

Not a clear description, lack of information
People can be put off if a game doesn't have enough information. It can be a league game, a tournament, a team looking for players, training session, casual game, competitive game. Keep in mind, people need the information to make the decision if they want to join the game or not. Provide as much information as possible for your game.

Not engaging with the community
Remember as Game Host you need to be present, answer any questions the community may have, and most importantly be consistent. We are creatures of habit, so, creating a game on different days each week doesn't help. 
Use the Game Auto-repeat function, so the game is created automatically every week.

Have a core group of people to kick-off your game
Having an existing group of players who are already interested in a new game (venue, date, time) always helps to kick it off. Invite your friends, people you work with etc. to get the first game going.  

Update your attendance list
People will always sign up to the games which are most likely to happen. After all a person signs up because he/she wants to play. They are also more likely to join if the attendance list is populated with different players profiles so they can see who they will be playing with, opposed to large amount of guests filling the spots. 

Get people to follow you
The more popular you get on Footy Addicts, the more people will be notified for your games or comments. People get to choose what they want to see depending on what interests them. 

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