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What happens if a match is cancelled?

It depends on the refund policy which is set up by the game organiser. Please check the Confirmation email you received when you booked your spot.

Usually all payments made by players in the attendance list will be refunded (as credit back in your Footy Addicts account).

There might be a case in which the Game organiser has set up the game not to provide refunds. This is because most of the venues do not provide refunds when cancelling a game, which means that the Game organiser has to split the pitch hire cost.

Please note that if you are not in the attendance list, the system will not refund you.

Refunds are made directly to your Footy Addicts account as credit, which can be used in any future games. If you want to transfer the money back in your bank/PayPal account there will be a transaction fee charge.

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