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I want a refund 💸

In order to get a refund for your online payment for game you will need to honour the refund policy 

- Refunds are not offered regardless if somebody fills the spot or not. Read the reason here
- The attendance list of the game must always be up to date with the actual people who are attending the game. This is a requirement from our Insurance policy and must be honoured by everybody
- If you cannot make it to a game need to take yourself off the list and free the spot so others get the chance to join and have an even game for the rest of the group

Refund policy is set up by the Game Organiser for each game and not by Footy Addicts. The Refund policy is stated at the payment page (before you confirm your attendance) and at the confirmation email you receive when you book your spot.

If you do not honour the Refund Policy please contact the game organiser to make a request, and it will be up to them to assess if they wants to issue a refund.

- Footy Addicts cannot issue refunds outside the refund policy, set up by the Game Organiser.

- All refunds are done as credit back on your Footy Addicts account. This way you can use the credit to book any future game

- There is a Fee applied if you want to retrieve the funds back in your Footy Addicts account.

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