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Change Refund Policy

The refund policy should not be 24 hours before a game if someone else takes the place. So let’s break this down...

If I’ve joined a game and even an hour up to the game I opt out but during that hour someone joins the game, I get my refund as the new player has paid for their place. Now if they or anyone else leaves after that time, then they will need to pay for the for the slot, again unless someone else takes it.

In a nut shell, refunds are given immediately if the place gets populated, if it doesn’t then of course then that person will loose their fee.

Any questions please let me know,

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  • AdminFooty Addicts Helpdesk (Organizer, Footy Addicts) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hello mate,

    Refund policy is down to each organiser. I can only speak on behalf of the games we (Footy Addicts) organise. The refund policy is in place to secure 2 reasons. 1) Ensure payments are done to cover for the costs of running a game 2) Commit the players that will turn up in the game. This is really important as uneven teams make bad games.

    In the past we tried to be more flexible, and follow the process you described. What we ended up is to have to cancel games, and lose a lot of money.

    In reality what happens if a person drops and gives 1-2 hours notice then puts under a lot of stress the organiser to get a replacement. If you have a 5 a side game, and a person drops then it will be 4v5. When you have 4v5 then this is not enjoyable for the rest of the group, or people refusing to play with uneven numbers. When we cancel a game the venue does not offer any refund whatsoever, so the pitch cost must be paid. Organisers put themselves in a tricky situation and we all need to make their life easier.

    Now we (Footy Addicts) are really strict with the refund policy as it is the only way to communicate that people shouldn't drop from the games.

    I hope this clarifies a bit more the situation.


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