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Game Host Guide ⚽

Step by Step guide on how to manage a Footy Addicts game

_Keep in mind this refers only to the games organised by Footy Addicts.

We are lucky to have many reliable, team players, good communicators and organised members of our community to manage Footy Addicts games.

In this guide, you will see what the Host and/or Facilitator can do to create a pleasant atmosphere and for the game to go smoothly:

Before the game 🖥️

  • Equipment check, 2 balls, pump, freshly washed bibs if we are using
  • Be 10 mins early ⏱️
  • Introduce yourself to the players.

At the game ☘️

  • Sort the teams out and try and get started ASAP. Explain rules to any new players
  • We play without a referee but if any decisions need to be made then you can decide
  • Keep the game score
  • Change keepers so that everyone goes in goal. (E.g. every 6/7 mins)
  • Make changes to the teams if the game is uneven

After the game 🤝

  • Finish the game on time and ensure people leave the venue
  • Any issues or suggestions to make the game better, please report to Footy Addicts on whatsapp or messages

What do you get in return?🤔
  • Equipment: 2 good footballs and bibs delivered to your house
  • Free football game, spot reserved every week
  • Training top once you are established and regular host

Top-level hosting tricks 💯

Some things our hosts do to make the games that little bit better:
  • Have a clear profile picture so players can recognise you
  • Check the games list and pre-set teams 
  • Comment your phone number beforehand in case somebody gets lost
  • Be friendly and get to get to know the players
  • Look out for the new players (green dot on profile pic)
  • Announce the game rules before kick-off ✨
  • If we don't have full numbers, grab a couple of players from the sidelines
  • Use a wristwatch to time the keeper change
  • Be aware of our Code of Conduct
  • Squad picture after the game 📸

Paid option - Game Facilitator 🤑

The main difference being: a Facilitator doesn’t play (unless we need a player) and manages the game from the sidelines:
  • Being a facilitator includes all of the above. ⬆️
  • You are not the referee but you should watch the game to encourage players throughout.
  • More professional service 
  • You will have more time to do the Top-level tricks!
Payment: £10 /per hour, Footy Addicts provides equipment. Payments are done every Monday.


Interested in becoming a game host? 👌

Please fill in this form and we will get back to you if we have something suitable!

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