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I have a weekly game and need more players 🤔

Footy Addicts is built to help organisers manage their games online and sustain their games through the community. Please note, all games need to compy with our game organiser’s policy.

⚽️ How do I get more players to my game via Footy Addicts?

1. Create a private game and provide a comprehensive description. (Read: How to start your game on Footy Addicts)

2. Share the link to your existing community so your players can join.

3. From here your game becomes visible to the Footy Addicts community and you can answer invitation requests or make the game public to fill the open spots.

🤝Why does putting your games on Footy Addicts platform make sense?

  • Find new players and grow your group
  • Easy game management
  • Pre-select teams
  • Quick group communication
  • Player of the Match functionality
  • Take online payments
  • Less admin
  • Easy weekly payouts
  • Make your games sustainable

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