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Start a game

Starting a game on Footy Addicts is Free.

Please note that in order to Start a game you need to use the desktop version of the website.

Click on the Start a Game link via the left-hand side Navigation Bar and get started.

Provide information about that game (Location, time, date, cost)

The more details you provide the better it is for the people who are looking to join.

Important notices:

All games posted online MUST be managed online. This means that everybody who is attending the game must be registered and confirmed at the attendance list of your game
  • Games that do not comply with the policy will be cancelled.
  • Footy Addicts does not automatically book the venue on your behalf. You need to liaise with the venue directly before posting any online game.
Tip: The easiest way to get your group to confirm their attendance is to share your game page link with them. Don't forget to ask them to Follow you. When a user Follows you, then you can send direct invites to any future games.

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