Can I get a refund if I cancel my RSVP?

This depends on the Refund Policy of each game. When a Game Host creates a game, they will set up a refund policy.

The refund policy states the number of days prior to the game that you are allowed to modify your RSVP (attendance status) in order to be entitled to a refund.

If you honour the refund policy, you will automatically be refunded for the game as credit back in your Footy Addicts account and your credit can be reused in any future game.

If you modify your RSVP after the time stated by the policy, then you are at risk to losing your match fee as it puts the quality of the game at risk. 

NOTE: If you modify your RSVP and you are not entitled for a refund, you will not be charged if you add yourself back in the attendance list. 

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