[Update] Beware of your valuables 👀

In October 2020, there were a series of targeted thefts at our football games. We knew of a certain individual who happened to be present at each incident and he was caught red-handed at Archbishop’s Park. 

We reported seven separate incidents to the police and left them in their hands. However, last night at Drapers Field in Leyton, he turned up again. Fortunately, the host spotted him before anyone’s belongings went missing. 

Again, we feel obliged for the safety of our community to publish this image of a person who has been suspected of stealing mobile phones and credit cards at our games. 

Here is some information that can help you protect your belongings: He introduces himself as Abdul or Karim. Usually, he pretends to be injured to sit by the goals, and leaves with phones before the game is finished. He has been to venues all over London, from Mile End to Westway and Hendon to Crystal Palace. 

⚠️ If you see him at a game then do not let him anywhere near your belongings and notify the host/venue immediately.

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