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Charged but not added in a game 🤬

If you see a charge in your bank statement but not added in a game there are 2 possible scenarios

1. Somebody else was faster than you 💨
While you were trying to top up your wallet, somebody else was doing the same process and got the spot in the game before you did. In that case you will see the money topped up in your Footy Addicts wallet. 

You can see the full history of your transactions and balance at the Payments page (website) or Profile / Wallet on the app.

2. Payment was blocked 🚫
In order to ensure that all payments are secured we ask from the payment gateway (Stripe in our case) to validate some extra information on the card before accepting the payment. These extra information are the CVC and ZIP code of the card. ZIP code is the postcode in which the card is registered at. If one of the above does not match the card information then we do not accept the transaction and we block it. 

As you have authorised the payment from your end, the bank will temporarily hold the funds from your bank account. In 1-2 hours max they release the funds back in your account as Footy Addicts did not accept the payment.

You can try to top up your account again if you want by using the correct ZIP code. If you believe that the ZIP code you used is the correct one but still get an error then please contact your bank directly. 

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